Operating the EUI#

Below you will find instructions for operating the EUI.

Starting the EUI#

  1. Open a terminal window.

ulimit -s 100000
cd /usr/local/natinst/LabVIEW-2018-64
  1. Open the LSST_HMIs.lvproj under Recent Projects.

  2. Go to Main ‣ HMIMain_EUI.vi

  3. Double click HMIMain_EUI.vi

  4. Find any missing libraries in the 2018 path.

  5. Close any warning

  6. Log in using HMI Credentials


If SAL kernel crashes computer must be restarted

Resetting Interlocks#

  1. Go to Main Interface ‣ Safety System

  2. On the right-most top-most column of the interface underneath Negative Pullcord click Reset

  3. Go to Camera Cable Wrap

  4. On the right-most top-most column of the interface under Control click Reset Alarm

  5. On the row below in the same column underneath Cable Wrap Drive Selector click 2

  6. You may see an error and timeout, this is fine repeat the step above

  7. Then in the row above in Control click On

In the left-most column, underneath Drive 2 it should say Standstill with a box run/alarm with the color green above it.

Changing Settings#

  1. Go to Settings ‣ Camera Cable Wrap Settings

  2. Locate the settings under the Monitoring column in the left-most top-most section.

  3. Find the name of the setting you want to change under the Name column

  4. Change the value in the Value column

  5. In the column next to Value it should change to the color red for modified.

  6. In the right-most top-most column under Control click Write under Apply Changes temporarily

  7. In the column that changed to red it should become orange for written.

Moving the CCW#